Medical Equipment Manufacturer


Many of today’s high-tech medical devices rely on high-performance electronics. Arc-Tronics has been a trusted partner to medical device manufacturers for almost 40 years. Our quality electronics are at the very heart of some of the most advanced products in the medical device industry.

Arc-Tronics has the expertise and commitment to quality that are crucial to our medical device customers and their products.

Wire Harnessing


From prototypes to volume projects, the precision of Arc-Tronics electronics insures the performance of diagnostic and surgical equipment. Our lean manufacturing, with vendor managed inventory programs, ensures that our turnkey capabilities increase production efficiency and promote flexibility and on-time delivery.

Our custom electronics are manufactured to exact specifications using state-of-the-art equipment. Single-, double-, or multi-layer PCBs can be produced in volume with automated assembly, soldering and insertions. Our manual assembly operations for prototypes or special projects are performed by our highly trained technicians.

Arc-Tronics is a trusted resource for high-performance PCBs at the core of the latest technology in the medical device industry.

Manual Testing


The advancement of medical technology relies on the ability of manufacturers to make ideas practical. As a manufacturer of electronics for the medical device industry, Arc-Tronics is integral to the development of new products and capabilities.

The engineers at Arc-Tronics are expert in the design, development and testing of PCBs for Class II and Class III medical devices. New or improved product designs rely on the careful consideration of circuit tracing, systems integration, product dimensions and ease of use. Our engineering capabilities include prototyping, custom test fixtures and procedures, and comprehensive oversight of projects. We utilize Gerber file upload and CAD/CAM capabilities to assure design-to-product integrity.

X-Ray Testing


Arc-Tronics is an innovation partner with OEMs whose products give practitioners and patients new options for care, quality of life and longevity.

Product testing is a critical function of our Engineering Department. We provide complete documentation throughout the design phase, along with computer modeling to insure the efficient and cost-effective production of devices that perform to exact specifications.

Functional, in-circuit (ATE), flying probe and burn-in testing are performed throughout production. In-circuit tests are performed on Gen Rad or Agilent circuit board test systems. Board stress tests are performed in burn-in chambers and thermal cycled.

All Arc-Tronics test equipment is calibrated in conformance with ISO 9001 and traceable to the NIST.

Warranty repair service is available.

Testing Electronics


From flat panel displays and surgical lasers to hospital beds and diagnostic devices, Arc-Tronics electronics assure the high performance of electronic medical devices. A commitment to quality has been our focus since 1972, and we maintain that focus on every project for every customer.

The medical device industry relies on suppliers who provide top-notch components and customer support. Arc-Tronics has earned a reputation for excellence that sets us apart from other PCB manufacturers.

Quality starts with our people, who are dedicated to the highest levels of professionalism in their work. When it comes to production, Statistical Process Control and QA procedures are integrated into our manufacturing. Arc-Tronics maintains numerous certifications that insure our compliance with industry standards and illustrate our level of expertise.

Medical device technology makes a difference in countless lives; and Arc-Tronics quality makes a difference in medical devices.