Aerospace applications pose specific and crucial considerations for the Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) industry. As a leading EMS provider, Arc-Tronics has the experience, capabilities and commitment to quality that are essential in the manufacturing of aerospace PCBs.

Our quality employees working on space and aerospace assemblies are trained to J-STD-001-ES Standards.

With almost 40 years of experience in the EMS industry, Arc-Tronics puts quality at the core of your products and operating systems.

Turnkey Production


Arc-Tronics serves the aerospace industry with start-to-finish production capabilities. Lean manufacturing with vendor managed inventory systems ensure fast, efficient and cost-effective service. Prototype to volume capabilities provide the type of flexibility our advanced technology customers rely on.

Our custom printed circuit boards are manufactured using state-of-the-art equipment, which enables fast turnaround of pre-production units and engineering prototypes. Single-sided, double-sided and multi-layer PCBs can be produced in volume using automated assembly, soldering and insertions. Manual board and component assembly is available from our experienced technicians.

Arc-Tronics manufactures quality PCBs with an array of board finishes, conformal coatings and soldering options, which are integral to the reliability and performance of aerospace products.

Our box build, wire lead and cable assembly, packaging and shipping are also part of our start-to-finish capabilities.

Arc-Tronics has developed a supplier network of reliable partners who offer superior materials, products and value.

Aerospace Testing


Arc-Tronics provides complete technical support for your project. Our engineering group has in-depth experience in a broad range of applications, including advanced electronic system design and CAD printed circuit board layout.

We engineer products to withstand the extreme conditions of aerospace applications, because field failure is not an option.

Circuit and board design services include structural analysis that ensures the most efficient geometries and organization. Spatial restrictions are considered, as well as full locking and unlocking capabilities of the component-filled boards. Crucial issues of mechanical stresses and thermal relief are foremost. In addition, thermal matching of components (which may be materially dissimilar) to board surfaces is carefully designed.

We utilize Gerber file upload and CAD/CAM capabilities to assure design-to-product integrity.

Rigorous product testing is our focus. Our documentation throughout design, computer modeling and production provides essential assurances to our customers. Extreme temperature cycling and mechanical vibration tests ensure ultra-reliable end-use performance. Functional, in-circuit (ATE), flying probe and burn-in testing are performed throughout production. Boards can be stressed in our burn-in chambers and thermal cycled. Custom-designed test fixtures and detailed test instructions are provided for each PCB assembly. In-circuit tests are performed on Gen Rad or Agilent circuit board test systems.

In addition, our technicians are expert at the careful handling of aerospace PCBs during inspection to reduce or eliminate electrostatic discharge.

All Arc-Tronics test equipment is calibrated in conformance with ISO 9001 and traceable to the NIST.

Warranty repair service is available.


Arc-Tronics has been a contract manufacturer in the EMS industry since 1972. Our commitment to quality has never faltered; and our aerospace products are the ultimate proof of that commitment.

At Arc-Tronics, we have integrated Statistical Process Control and QA procedures into our manufacturing. We have worked hard to earn and maintain certifications that allow us to serve industries that demand quality, accountability and reliability.

At Arc-Tronics, there is no compromise on quality. Our reputation is as solid on the ground as it is 30,000 feet in the air.