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Arc-Tronics custom printed circuit boards (PCBs) are the reliable core of high-performance electronics. We have almost 40 years of experience in the design and production of PCBs, cable/harness and electro-mechanical products that power products with a wide range of electronic capabilities. From sensing systems and monitors to heavy equipment and household appliances, our products deliver performance and value.

Our customers trust us to deliver the highest level of expertise and service in start-to-finish production of quality electronics for their products.

Quality Circuit Boards
Solder Circuit Board


Arc-Tronics utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to manufacture quality products. Our two production facilities house the latest machinery and advanced systems for prototypes or volume manufacturing. Our lean manufacturing, with vendor managed inventory capabilities, assures customers of flexibility and on-time delivery.

Arc-Tronics manufactures quality PCBs with an array of board finishes, conformal coatings and soldering options. We offer automated or manual assembly, per specifications.

Volume production capabilities include SMT fully automated pick and place equipment, high-speed chip shooters and quick-change feeders for job flexibility. Our axial equipment features multiple component placement without sequencing and off-line programming for greater efficiency. With automated vision based systems, we can assure accuracy and consistency throughout production.

Solder integrity is a crucial element of PCB performance. No-clean solder is our process standard, but special orders are cleaned to the customer’s specifications. Our Wave Solder machines feature standard and dual wave, as well as turbulent wave capabilities. We offer programmable selective wave soldering for specialty applications. IR solder reflow and convection type are managed with onboard profile programming and an edge and belt conveyor system.

Semi-automatic systems include small IC DIP insertion with off line programming and lead trim equipment.

Our box build, wire lead and cable assembly, packaging and shipping are also part of our start-to-finish capabilities.

Arc-Tronics has the experience and technical capabilities to produce complex multi-layer fine-pitch and/or simple single-sided designs for PCBs of superior quality.


The engineering support offered by Arc-Tronics is unparalleled in the electronic manufacturing services industry. Our experience and technical knowledge in the design and manufacture of PCBs makes us the partner you need to ensure the performance and reliability of your products.

The diversity of PCB applications is evolving rapidly, as are the complexities involved in product design, materials and function. Arc-Tronics is a member of the SMTA and SME, and we continually update our capabilities and knowledge of the latest improvements and advancements in process and materials.

From prototypes to volume production, we provide complete engineering support and testing capabilities. Single-sided or multi-layer designs are routinely produced, and our engineers are experts at solving complex engineering problems.

On each project, we carefully review board configuration and electrical component placement. CAD drawings and tight revision control are central to our engineering services.

Rigorous product testing includes process monitoring and documentation throughout design. Pre-production and in-production operations include functional, in-circuit (ATE), flying probe and burn-in testing. Custom-designed test fixtures and detailed test instructions are provided for each PCB assembly.

Arc-Tronics provides a vast array of packaging capabilities, including:

  • Heat Sealing
  • Shrink Wrapping
  • Ultra Sonic Welding

We are perfectly suited from dock to stock or will ship directly to your customer.

Warranty repair service is available.

The engineers at Arc-Tronics can design even the most complex PCBs to deliver power reliably and consistently.

LEDs on a Circuit Board


Arc-Tronics has built a reputation as one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality electronics. Our products are at the core of products manufactured by some of the most well-known and respected companies around the world.

Quality controls and assessment are integrated into each project from start to finish. As a member of the ESD Association, we follow strict ESD procedures. Our employees are trained in the latest IPC standards; and our solder specialists are 3rd party certified.

Management receives monthly performance reports to insure the continual improvement of our systems, controls and production capabilities.

We understand the importance of quality raw materials that are readily available, competitive and reliable. Our supply chain development and management efforts have resulted in an exceptional supplier network that gives us the flexibility for supporting vendor managed inventory programs.

Arc-Tronics maintains certifications and registrations to industry standards that assure our customers of the highest quality processes and products.

Our commitment to quality and customer service is built into our products—and yours.

Testing Electronics


From flat panel displays and surgical lasers to hospital beds and diagnostic devices, Arc-Tronics electronics assure the high performance of electronic medical devices. A commitment to quality has been our focus since 1972, and we maintain that focus on every project for every customer.

The medical device industry relies on suppliers who provide top-notch components and customer support. Arc-Tronics has earned a reputation for excellence that sets us apart from other PCB manufacturers.

Quality starts with our people, who are dedicated to the highest levels of professionalism in their work. When it comes to production, Statistical Process Control and QA procedures are integrated into our manufacturing. Arc-Tronics maintains numerous certifications that insure our compliance with industry standards and illustrate our level of expertise.

Medical device technology makes a difference in countless lives; and Arc-Tronics quality makes a difference in medical devices.