In July 2018, the United States Government set forth a requirement to pay a percentage of tariff for a large majority of inbound product manufactured or shipped directly from China into the United States. As an organization, ARC-TRONICS, Inc has taken time to understand, and develop the most efficient process to invoice any US Government mandated tariff charges back to our customer base. Upon review, and with a strong understanding of how our suppliers are passing the costs back to our organization, we have now evaluated the best way for move forward as noted below.

Important summary points:

  • ARC-TRONICS, Inc will begin invoicing any accrued section 301 tariffs on 12/1/2018.
  • Your ARC-TRONICS, Inc customer service representative will reach out with information, and charges on a monthly basis for invoicing purposes.
  • Terms for any Tariff related charges will be NET 30.
  • ARC-TRONICS, Inc will provide a comprehensive monthly invoice for all tariff related shipment charges including: cost of component, quantity purchased, manufacturer and manufacturers part number, as well as internal customer component number
    (If applicable).

As always, thank you for your patience while we work together to continue to support any manufacturing needs in this difficult supply chain climate. Please feel free to reach out to your customer support contact for any additional information you may require.